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Morton and Cheergyms.com are a life long friend! They're an icon in this industry. My favorite memory is our first hotshot camp Morton taught in 2008, He made all the kids and staff crack up for 3 straight days!!! We love Morty!!
Joelle Antico,
World Cup All-Stars

We help our athletes to become goal setters and goal getters.

Formerly known as Pyramids Inc., Cheergyms.com was one of the first specialized cheerleading gyms on the West Coast to give cheerleaders a serious place to compete year round. Started in 1995 by Morton Bergue and Danny Kahn, active participants in the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA), Pyramid Inc. filled a need that had gone unnoticed for nearly a decade.

Beginning in 1986, All Star cheerleading competitions took the cheerleading industry by storm. Unfortunately – until Bergue and Kahn opened Pyramids Inc.  – teams were forced to practice in parks, backyards and old gyms. There was no organized place for them to learn, practice and compete.

Starting with one team of senior-aged students in 1996, Bergue and Kahn used their coaching and choreography expertise to train competitors and place their business at the cutting edge of a sport that had not quite been discovered on the West Coast; one that would go on to change the landscape of competitive cheerleading in Northern California.

Cheerygyms.com Today

In 2000, Pyramids Inc. became Cheergyms.com. Today, Cheergyms.com trains local cheerleaders, school teams and youth football teams and is home to some of the most successful All Star teams in California. Cheergyms.com also runs several cheerleading camps and hosts the Spirit Spectacular competitions, Northern California’s largest and most popular competition.

We are most passionate about first developing character in our kids and then their athletic ability. Our focus is not so much about winning; we want to help develop the kids in a positive atmosphere and help them achieve their maximum potential in a positive way. It’s a safe, positive place for them. Their parents can also trust us to create a great opportunity for them in the world of All-Star cheerleading. Our favorite thing to hear from parents is how much more outgoing, confident and successful their child is because of their experience at Cheergyms.com.

With 90 years combined experience, the owners of Cheergyms.com share a passion and love for the sport of cheerleading. Known as winners and experts in every aspect of the sport, owners Morton Bergue, Danny Kahn and Derick Patterson are extremely hands on, working everyday to help their students reach their full athletic potential.

At Cheergyms.com, it’s not just about cheerleading. The owners build character in their students, helping them to become more confident, more successful versions of themselves.

Meet the Owners

Morton Bergue, President

Morton Bergue – Known as the “life of the party,” Bergue infuses humor and excitement into the program with his funny, outgoing personality. Not only is Bergue known worldwide as a visionary for the sport of competitive cheerleading, he is well- loved by his students. Bergue helped create critical associations such as the Northern California All Star Alliance (NCAA), the United States All Star Federation (USASF), and the National Alliance of Competitive Cheerleading Coaches (NACCC). He has won numerous awards and accolades for his work in forming what has become the modern landscape of competitive cheerleading. Bergue has more than 35 years experience in the industry. When he’s not in the gym motivating the kids, he’s traveling and working in the industry as a judge, choreographer, consultant and conference speaker.

Danny Kahn, Vice President

Danny Kahn – A superb technician who loves working with kids one-on-one with technical aspects of their training, Kahn was one of the very first coaches in the world of All Star Cheerleading. He is known for his inventive accomplishments in the area of choreography, music editing, web development and business promotion. Kahn has coached countless National Championship teams in 30 years of experience.


Derick Patterson, COO

Derick Patterson – Behind-the-scene organizer, Patterson, is known nationwide as an overall expert in the industry of All Star Cheerleading. He sits on the National Advisory Board of the USASF and plays a huge role in the direction of competitive cheerleading. A strong motivator, Patterson is one of the best when it comes to shaping young athletes to be strong and successful members of society long after their cheerleading career comes to an end.


Interesting facts about the Owners of Cheergyms.com

  • Morton Bergue represents Cheergyms.com on The United States all Star Federation (USASF) Board of Executives and is the Chairman of the National All-Star Cheerleading Coaches Congress (NACCC). Both of which he was a founding partner and leader.
  • Derick Patterson has been on the National Advisory Board for the USASF from 2011-present. This position allows him to hear and help make changes in the all-star community.
  • Morton Bergue has been inducted into almost every Hall of Fame in the cheerleading industry including SITA (Spirit Industry Trade Association), GSSA (Golden State Spirit Association), OCCA (Oregon State Spirit Association) and USASF (U.S. Allstar Federation).
  • Internationally, Cheergyms.com is well known and continuously is asked to choreograph, speak at conferences and hold clinics in countries like England, Wales, France, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, Canada and many others.
  • Morton Bergue has choreographed for such events as Jeep/Eagle Aloha Bowl Halftime, Cotton Bowl Halftime, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Opening (1999, 2000 & 2008-2014), Germany’s National Basketball Championships Halftime, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Opening in Dublin Ireland and numerous local, state and national events.
  • Cheergyms.com has been featured numerous times in Cheer Biz News, a cheer industry trade magazine and Morton Bergue currently writes a cheer column for the USASF All-Star Magazine.
  • Danny Kahn was the one of the first coaches for the first all-star team formed in the World in 1985 called the Clayton Valley All-Stars. That team and his next team the Diablo Valley Hawks went onto to win three NCA National Titles which at the time was the only all-star competition in the world.
  • Morton Bergue has been named to American Cheerleader Magazine’s list of the Industry’s Most Influential People.
  • Derick Patterson participated in the 1996 Olympic Opening Ceremony in the largest cheerleading exhibition in the World.



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