Training is proud to offer a wide range of services and training programs to cheer enthusiasts. In addition to their renowned All Star Cheerleading program, offers private lessons, school coaching and various other services. Following are some of the services offered:

  • All Star Cheer Teams – Anyone from age 5 to 25, regardless of experience and ability, can train to become an All Star Cheerleader. We strive to be the leader and the trend-setters of the cheerleading industry, and it is our goal to provide services that will help all young people become strong and confident individuals on and off the mat.
  • Classes – Classes focus on vital skills such as tumbling, jumps, stunts and other technical aspects of cheerleading. Intended for anyone who wants to improve on one or more aspects of cheerleading, classes are for all ages and all levels of experience and ability. Our proudest moments are watching kids work together in the class setting, helping to motivate and cheer on others as they take on the task of accomplishing skills and personal improvement.
  • Private Lessons – One-on-one lessons, focus on specific skills that the individual student wishes to hone. Athletes who are determined and goal oriented often benefit the most from private lessons. Our proudest moments are to watch a child’s face beam with excitement after achieving a tumbling skill for the first time and to watch their confidence grow as they excel beyond their wildest dreams.
  • School Coaching – We work with schools and youth programs to help them improve fundamental aspects of their cheerleading training programs. From working on game materials like halftime routines, stunt and pyramid building to competition routines and coach mentoring, we are here to help. With school coaching, our staff is very excited to see videos of team performances at their games, rallies or even competition.
  • Gym Rental – If you need a place to practice and prepare or to host an event or party, you can rent one of our gyms. You can rent a gym for one time use or on a regular basis.