10 Things You Might Be Missing Out On as a CG Member

10 Things You Might Be Missing Out On as a CG Member

One of our most important goals at Cheergyms is to offer as much
value as possible in your Membership. Often times our Members are
not completely up to speed on all of the great opportunities
that are available to them. Hopefully this post will help. 

The more variety that your athlete experiences, the quicker
they will improve and build confidence!

1. Cheergyms Membership Facebook Group
If you’re not yet a part of this group your’e missing out. Tons of
videos, photos, and information is posted here. Make sure you
join right away with this link.

2. Cheer FUNdamentals Class
This is the answer if your athlete needs a new challenge!
CG teaches 3 levels of Intro to Cheer classes. These classes are
included in your Membership and your athlete will love it!
See Bobby at the front desk. A new session is starting 11/5.

3. Discount, Discounts, Discounts!
Nearly every last extra service that Cheergyms offers comes with
a solid discount for current Members. Privates, Apparel, Camps,
Clinics, Featured classes, Teams, and more.

4. Showcases!
Every 3 months or so, Cheergyms holds Event Showcases. They are
free for current members. These Showcases are a great way to
show off all the hard work they’ve been putting in. Each child is
recognized and awards are handed out for various milestones.
Invite the Grandparents and help us celebrate all the hard work!

5. Open Gyms
November and December are a bit of a down time for Open Gyms
but they’ll be back on the schedule soon. Open Gyms are the best
way for your athlete to make new friends and practice their skills.

6. Special Events
Cheergyms prides itself on being more than tumbling and cheer.
Keep an eye out for all of our cool special and fun events for
all ages. Paint Night. Slime Night. Tye Dye Night and more!

7. Tumble Stars!!
Now that you’ve got your athlete in classes and improving fast,
It’s time to put those skills to the test! Tumble Stars is a
competitive tumbling program that places your child on a team
to train their skills for scores, medals, and most importantly,
The valuable feeling of accomplishment and confidence!

8. Performance and Competition Teams
Getting started in the Cheergyms Team program is a big step.
We know that and that’s why we offer lots of baby steps to get
started. One thing we promise…there is nothing that Cheergyms
offers that is more rewarding to both athletes and parents alike
as our Team Programs. Inquire today and we’ll explain all of
your options.

9. High School Classes
Cheergyms now offers classes exclusively for athletes that are
currently in High School. Membership is not required but classes
are free for current Members.

10. Piggy Back Private Lessons
New! Starting in November, any 2 athletes that have Private
Cards can Piggy Back each others Private Lessons. This means
that you can double your instruction time with no extra
expense to you. Ask Bobby at the front desk for more info!

For more information on any of the services above, contact
Danny by text message at 925-382-8922